Why we sell only a handful of products?

We genuinely believe that true happiness comes when you serve others. 

We are glad that we started No business Saturdays. Talking to our customers really helps in understanding the hidden pain points. 

The reason behind selling only 50 products is that we don't want to get big.

Before we talk about this in-depth, let us shed some light on an interesting fact. In the business world, more products is equal to more money. That's why amazon sells almost everything. 

Growing a company is not always sunshine and rainbows, it comes with great difficulties and problems, and sometimes businesses have to compromise with thier values. 

The biggest compromise happens when the core focus of a company changes. 

When a company starts to get big, almost every time thier focus changes from Customers to Money. You, as a consumer, can sometimes feel this. 

We don't want this to happen to our company. 

Being small, we can give consistent and exceptional customer experience. It provides us with the ability to satisfy each and every customer that chooses us. 

We can easily give personal attention to everyone. 

Having a small team helps us to maintain a positive environment within our office, which works fabulously against office politics and self-interest.

We are proud of being a small business and promise you to always keep our focus customer-oriented. No matter what circumstances we have to face.