"For every good reason there is to lie, there is a better reason to tell the truth." – BO BENNETT

We have literally 10 canvas prints with this quote at our office. Because it continuously reminds us of the most essential thing in our business-"Always tell the truth, no matter what the circumstances are." 

Trust is the keystone in building any relationship. And it is especially true for an online business like us. 

Because you are trusting us for delivering a product that you never saw in reality. You trust us on the quality and price of the product. 

So it is our duty to be transparent with everything we do. Whether it is revealing the actual price of the product or the manufacturing process. Customers have to be aware of everything.

Price Transparency-

There is a price transparency section present on every product page that reveals all the costs that are involved in selling a product. 

Generally speaking, the gross margin for any product we sell is 30% to 40%. The price includes all the taxes and costs related to selling the product on our website. 

There is also an important thing to know about our products that you may find the same products listed for less price on any other site as compared to our website.

So why should you buy the same product for more from our site?

The answer is very simple.

Because you get more benefits from buying from Shivramas. 

Below are some extra benefits that you get only with Shivramas-

  1. Free Lifetime Guarantee with every toy, So that you can be assured that the quality of the toys are upto standards. No toy is indestructible. If it breaks, you can get another toy quickly with Shivramas. You might not get the lifetime guarantee on all products from other sites. 
  2. Each customer gets buyer protection with every purchase made with Shivramas. We do this because we know the importance of trust in any relationship. With buyer protection, if you don't receive your product within the delivery time, then refunds are issued automatically.
  3. With our donation program, you can easily buy more toys for your kids without worrying about money. 
  4. We sell only original products on our website. All our products are sourced directly from original manufacturers. So that no middleman can scam us by supplying counterfeit products. Fake products are always sold at a lower price than the original. Please make sure that you only buy from legitimate sites.
  5. Our customer support team works for 24 hrs a day. So that we can answer your questions. Whenever you want. You might not get customer support for 24 hrs a day on other sites. 
  6. With Shivramas, you get free standard shipping and free returns on all orders. Free shipping and returns are also available for international orders. You may have to pay high shipping charges on other sites.

You can now decide whether it is worth buying products from Shivramas yourself. Just compare these benefits with other sites, and check whether you are getting enough value from other websites or not.

Reviews Transparency-

A recent study discovered that 74% of consumers read fake reviews in 2018. Fake reviews are increasing at an alarming rate.

Due to these fake reviews, the trustworthiness of legitimate reviews is also infiltrated. To make our customers aware of all the shortcomings that Shivramas have, we decided to reveal them all by ourselves.

So that you can easily spot any fake review present on the internet.

A total of 567 customer ratings are taken at the time of making this report. Customers have rated our products and services for different categories. Customers have rated for various groups on the scale of 0-5.

  • Value for money: 4.4
  • Durability of products: 4.6
  • Customer support: 4.3
  • Uniqueness of products: 4.2
  • Returns and refunds: 4.4
  • Domestic shipping speed:4.4
  • International shipping speed: 3.3
  • Do you like the lifetime guarantee: 4.9
  • buyer protection: 4.5
  • Rewards program: 4.8
  • Do you like our other various programs: 4.4
  • Do you Trust Shivramas as a whole: 4.5

On average, our customers have given a rating of 4.3 for Shivramas.

Our most significant shortcoming is the International shipping speed. We know that it is not upto standards, but it is Something that we don't control directly.

Shipping transparency-

As you have seen above, our most significant shortcoming is the International shipping speed. The reason behind the slow shipping speed is that we currently have only one warehouse located outside our home country. Our company is based in India.

We currently operate through two warehouses, one is in India, and the other one is located in USA.

All the domestic orders are fulfilled through the Warehouse in India. International orders are fulfilled through the Warehouse in USA.

Open Salary-

We believe that every individual that is involved with Shivramas, Whether they are customers or employees, have the right to know everything about the various operations and programs running at Shivramas. So we decided to publicize the salaries also. At Shivramas, every employee is aware of all the salaries that are being provided by the company. 

Manufacturing Transparency-

Since we sell toys, So safety is a mandatory aspect for our customers. We have a dedicated page for all the manufacturing-related information on our site. Please check it out here.

Supplier Transparency-

Shivramas do not manufacture any product that is listed for selling on its website. We source our products from various suppliers operating in different countries across the globe. 

All are suppliers are legitimate businesses, and our team verifies each supplier accurately. Complete research is done before we do any business with the suppliers. 

Security and Compliance-

Do you know that about 27% of all the online transactions are fraudulent? 

That's why it is crucial to always check the whole background of any website before you enter your card details.

Due to all these online scams poping continuously now and then. We want our customers to be aware of all the steps that we take to secure the checkout process. 

  • is hosted on one of the most secure platforms present in the market. So the chances of any malware attack is zero, which makes our website super safe for our customers. 
  • Majority of the transactions are done via Paypal. So the chances of any fraudulent transaction is also zero.
  • goes for third party security checkups regularly. You can check whether our site is secure or not yourself with many tools present on the internet. 

All your data is safe with us. We do not save your financial and personal details on our website. You can get detailed information about our privacy policy here. is compliant with all the major online judicial laws that are imposed. Check our terms and conditions page for more details.


This page is updated regularly, our team keeps adding new information about our various operations and programs that are currently present at shivramas.

If you want to know something that is not present on this page, please don't hesitate to ask. Just send us a message either on live chat or email. We will be happy to answer all your questions.