Quick Refunds

We hate waiting for refunds just as you do. That's why we created a simple and fast way to process refunds at shivramas. 

The idea of giving quick refunds came up because of one of our customers. She purchased a few items from our store for her kid's birthday.

But after receiving her order, she realized that she picked up a wrong toy (the toy was not age-appropriate).

Then she followed up with us to return the product, but she wanted to get the refund early. So that she can order the toy she liked as soon as possible before the birthday.

We refunded the full money in her shivramas account immediately. She got so happy with our service that she rated all the products with 5 stars.

Due to her particular case scenario, the idea of quick refunds came up.

We issue refunds in two different ways-

1) Refunds in the form of money(back to your bank account).

2) Refunds in the form of points.

If you choose to get your refund in the form of money, then you may wait for 10-15 days to get the refund amount in your bank account. Once we get the product back, your refund will be issued immediately.

But if you choose to get the refunds in the form of points(which can be easily redeemed), then you will get the refund amount within 24 hours.

Now you don't have to wait for weeks to get refunds. Just choose to get the refunds in the form of points and shop without any worries.

Wait there is MORE.

From our past experiences, we tried to discover the reasons behind product returns.

They were majorly due to errors in workflows and miscommunication within our organization.

This means the main reason behind returns was us and not the customer.

So to reduce the chances of poor customer experience, we created a system that only pushes us forward to provide the most exceptional experience possible.

What's that mean? It's simple.

Every time we make any mistake. You will get an additional refund in your shivramas account. So that we get a lesson to not repeat that mistake again in the future.

Additional refunds will be credited in your shivramas account if the reason behind your return is from the following.

10% additional refund-

If the product looks different on-site than in reality.

If the product quality is not up to standards.

If the product arrives too late.

5% additional refund-

If an incorrect item is received.

If a parcel arrives in a damaged condition.



Additional refunds are credited in your shivramas account in the form of points. For example, if you want to return a product priced at $40, then points worth $4(10%) would be credited in your shivramas account. $4 won't be credited in your bank account. In other words, you will get the original amount that you paid($40) and not($44) in your bank account.