No Business Saturday

Good communication is one of the most essential aspects of having a great relationship. Sometimes this means being honest and having uncomfortable conversations.

We believe that to evolve continuously, one should be aware of all his weaknesses. And to reveal the gaps, an in-depth conversation is necessary. 

That's why we decided to talk with each and every customer of Shivramas. We discuss your likes and dislikes about our products and services. So that we can grow continuously. 

We believe that surveys are not significant enough to know the deep pain points in the lives of our customers. It's just like you don't fill a survey when you visit a doctor. 

Every Saturday is dedicated to conversations with our customers. We don't take any orders on this day. If you place an order on Saturday, then it will be delayed by one day.

Every employee talks with the customers on different topics. Regular assessments are being conducted on every Saturday. We tally all the reports with last month's performance. 

All these conversations are made either on live chat or social media platforms. And also we don't force anyone to talk with us. 

If you have any suggestions for us, please share your thoughts with us either on live chat or email. We reply to every email.