Donate and earn Money

As any parent knows, children outgrow toys quickly. Kids just abandon a toy when they lose interest in playing with it.

Also, all those abandoned toys don't just vanish when your child loses interest. They pile up on the shelves, on the bed, under the bed, and in every corner of your child's room.

The tantrums don't end here. You also have to buy them new toys to play with.

Fortunately, there's a single solution to both problems: You can get rid of all those old toys and save money on new ones at the same time with the help of our donation program.

But our program is a little bit different from others. 

We decided to reward our customers every time they make a donation.

So to make this happen, all customers get 200 points/store credits in their account, whenever they donate our toys to any charity. 

Let's understand the whole process with an example.

Imagine you bought three toys from our site. After two years, your kids abandoned those toys. And now they want new toys to play with. 

Now you have a pile of old toys, and you want to get rid of them; you also wish to save some money on buying new toys. 

Since you bought the toys from Shivramas. You know that we have a toy donation program. You messaged our customer support on the live chat, asking about the program. 

The support rep asked you to donate those old toys. Then you donated all those toys to any local charity and shared some related documents or photos as proof.

After 24 hours(which is the validation period), you received 600 store credits(200 credits for each) in your Shivramas account. You redeemed those points to get discounts codes and bought new toys for your beloved kids. 

Now you have successfully decluttered those old toys and your kids are happily playing with their brand new toys. 

Also, you are delighted because you have donated the toys to a charity and saved some money while buying new toys. It's a win-win situation for everyone.  


  • The refund is done only in the form of store credits. 
  • Please wait for 24 hours to validate all the necessary proofs. You will get your refund within 24 hours.
  • It is mandatory to provide some proofs to validate the donation. You can send us receipts/invoices if you have any. You can also send us some photos of you donating the toys.