Buyer Protection


We want you to shop with confidence. That's why we provide guarantees that ensure you'll receive your item on time and as described.

You get two great benefits with our buyer protection.

  • If you don't receive your item within the estimated delivery time frame, then automatic refunds are issued. For example-if, the estimated delivery time for an item is 4 to 7 days, and you don't receive your parcel within this timeframe. Then automatic refunds are issued after the last delivery date is crossed. 
  • If your item is significantly different from the original product description, you can return the product for an exchange or can choose to get a partial refund and keep the product.

All the above benefits are provided to you on behalf of the Indian Banking Authorities. Shivramas is based in India, so we are bound to ensure buyer protection to all our International customers. If we fail to do the same, then our business account in their bank can be terminated.

Our Banking Authorities in India require us to provide all the delivery details before issuing payouts. It means that we don't get any money until the product is delivered to the customer. 

The authorities conduct these checks to ensure that we are not scamming anyone on the internet. These checks are imposed on us, mainly due to our business model. 

So now you can ensure that you will get your product within the estimated delivery time and the product would be exactly the same as it is described on the website.