Beware of copycats


Vishesh here, I have an important message to share with all our customers and visitors. So please stay with me until the end.

I founded Shivramas with a goal to allow parents and children to spend time together, to make beloved memories with each other. I want to see every child rejoicing with all those special moments that they made with their parents. 

But sometimes people with corrupt intentions try to pose obstacles in our way. Inspired by our success, several copycat sites started to mushroom everywhere. Most of these companies have copied our sites word-to-word. 

Infact, some of them are lazy enough to leave our name/phone number on their websites! I was just wondering how someone can stoop so low.

It was all fine until we got the hardest punch in the face. 

Someone was selling our exact same products with exact product images, and description with a 50% off discount. 

With some research, we found that they were taking money from our customers but weren't delivering packages at all. Due to this, the customers started to complain about not receiving their items on our website instead of their site. 

They were misleading our customers for about 6 months. We took immediate actions against them, and now their website has been taken down. 

After discovering this terrifying news, we decided to educate our visitors and existing customers about all the online scams that are happening on the internet. 

Your first defence against online fraud is simply knowing what to look out for. Below you will find some common things to look for.

  • Our official website address is We do not operate through alternative names like,, etc. at all. So please make sure you buy from only. 
  • We use only two email addresses to email our customers, i.e. [email protected] and [email protected] Please do not respond to any other email addresses listed above. 
  • If you find any of our product listed on another website for a massive discount like 50% or 60% off, please stay away from them. They may be selling counterfeit products. 

We are consistently taking stern actions against these illegal copycats(including DMCA takedowns and lawsuits) to keep you safe. 

If you find any of these websites, please inform us. You can use any method that you like, whether it is email([email protected]) or message on any social media account. 


Thanks for reading until the end. 

Vishesh Baghel